If you would like to pay by using PayPal then please read this brief message. 

As you may be aware PayPal changed their user agreement resulting in thousands of companies losing their PayPal accounts. This is due to PayPal claiming that vaping products are hazardous. If a vape company accepts payments via Goods & Services then they (we) are at risk of having our account terminated and any funds within it being held for 180 days. Friends & Family payments do not flag up on their system which is why all vape companies can now only use Friends & Family to process PayPal payments. 


June 2021 Update:

If you would like to pay for your order using PayPal whether it be Goods & Services or Friends & Family please email vcuk.info@gmail.com with the subject PayPal Payment and we will ensure you can make your payment with full buyer protection in the fastest way possible. 




If you send the payment via Goods & Services it will automatically be refunded resulting in your order being cancelled. If you wish to have further support with making your payment then please email support@vaperchaseruk.co.uk We understand using Friends & Family can be concerning but please do not worry. Feel free to check out our social profiles and i am sure you will see enough positive feedback to assure you that you are in safe hands.